The short way from your brilliant idea to the final result!

EVE is a versatile hardware and software platform that provides a robust, flexible solution for your new product development. Using EVE modules in your product shortens your design cycle, reduces development costs and improves your time-to-market.

EVE is a platform designed for easy and efficient integration into a wide range of products. All EVE modules are complete System on Module (SOM) architecture, built around the nRF52 low energy microcontroller from Nordic Semiconductor with integrated BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Programming and development tools are universal for all EVE modules and includes standardized IO, Contiki OS, and same driver API.

EVE modules support smart device APP communication using BLE. The EVE Universal APP is an easy-to-use application for product connectivity with smart devices without developing your own APP. To streamline the data transfer process between product and APP via BLE, EVE uses an internal table called TOC, which supports generation of a wide range of structure and variables.

The TOC table can also be used with the EVE2 BLE Ethernet module to integrate product data to the module website. The module website acts as a product user interface to perform product configurations, software upgrades, and view product logs. Any standard web browser connected to an Ethernet network can be used to view the module website.

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EVE BLE Ethernet



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